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Toyota Recalls Millions of Vehicles: Sudden Acceleration Lawsuits

On January 21, 2010, Toyota recalled 2.3 million U.S. vehicles due to a sudden acceleration danger related to the vehicle’s gas pedal. This recall is in addition to 4.2 million vehicles recalled by Toyota in late 2009 due to faulty floor mats.
Why a recall?
2010 Recall:

Some Toyota vehicles may have an accelerator assembly that causes the gas pedal to stick when it is pushed down. This may result in the vehicle continuing to accelerate even after you ease off the gas. The gas pedal mechanism may become worn, increasing the difficulty of pressing the accelerator, making it slower to return or, in some cases, causing it to stick entirely.

If the accelerator assembly of the affected vehicles says "TOYOTA CTS", the vehicle is subject to the recall.

Safety advocates say the problems are linked to 19 deaths and more than 2,000 complaints. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has called the Toyota acceleration problem "a serious safety issue."

2009 Recall:

Last year, Toyota recalled 4.2 million vehicles due to floor mats trapping gas pedals and causing sudden acceleration. This occurred after the August 28, 2009 deaths of off-duty California Highway Patrolman Mark Saylor and three members of his family in a Lexus ES 350 that accelerated to more than 100 mph and crashed in San Diego County. Toyota asserted that the crash was due to an incorrectly installed floor mat that jammed the accelerator pedal.

Between the faulty floor mats and stuck gas pedals, Toyota has recalled over 7 million vehicles in the U.S.

What vehicles are affected?
  • Avalon: 2005-2010 (1st recall – floormats; 2nd recall – stuck pedal)
  • Camry: 2007-2010 (1st recall – floormats; 2nd recall – stuck pedal)
  • Corolla: 2009-2010 (2nd recall – stuck pedal; 3rd recall – floormats)
  • Highlander: 2008-2010 (3rd recall – floormats)
  • Highlander: 2010 (2nd recall – stuck pedal [Except hybrid models])
  • Lexus ES350: 2007-2010 (1st recall – floormats)
  • Lexus IS250: 2006-2010 (1st recall – floormats)
  • Lexus IS350: 2006-2010 (1st recall – floormats)
  • Matrix: 2009-2010 (2nd recall – stuck pedal; 3rd recall – floormats)
  • Pontiac Vibe*: 2009-2010 (2nd recall – stuck pedal; 3rd recall – floormats)
  • Prius: 2004-2009 (1st recall – floormats)
  • RAV-4: 2009-2010 (2nd recall – stuck pedal)
  • Sequoia: 2008-2010 (2nd recall – stuck pedal)
  • Tacoma: 2010 (1st recall – floormats)
  • Tundra: 2007-2010 (1st recall – floormats; 2nd recall – stuck pedal)
  • Venza: 2009-2010 (3rd recall – floormats)
* Pontiac Vibe is included in the recall because it is similar to the Matrix and produced under a partnership between the two companies.

If you or a family member have been seriously injured due to a defective gas pedal or floor mat in a Toyota vehicle, contact us for a free case review.
Toyota Faces $16.4 Million U.S. Fine
"Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the U.S. plans to seek a $16.4 million fine against Toyota Motor Corp., saying the auto maker "knowingly hid" safety problems from regulators. The proposed fine, the maximum allowed under law against a car maker and far exceeding the previous record of $1 million, is the first linked to Toyota's recall of more than eight million cars globally for gas-pedal and sudden-acceleration problems."
Full WSJ.com Article

Complaints of 34 deaths linked to Toyota sudden acceleration problem
According to the federal government, 34 deaths may be linked to Toyota's sudden acceleration defect since 2000.

"Toyota Motor Corp. has recalled 8.5 million vehicles globally during the past four months because of problems with gas pedals, floor mats and brakes, threatening the safety and quality reputation of the world's No. 1 automaker."
Full Kentucky.com Article

Questions raised about additional models including Toyota Tacoma & Prius

Congress questioned Toyota executives this week regarding whether the Toyota Tacoma & Prius should be recalled.
"Reporting from Los Angeles and Washington — Congressional investigators are escalating their probe of Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles by examining whether sudden acceleration affects models that have not been recalled -- and whether all Toyota vehicles should be modified so that their brakes override out-of-control throttles...

The head of a congressional committee that plans a hearing on the recall next week sent a letter to Toyota on Wednesday asking whether it was safe to drive recalled models and whether the sudden-acceleration problems affect other Toyota vehicles.
Full LA Times Article

Toyota meanwhile continues to advise consumers to drive recalled vehciles unless they experience a problem. The company doesn't even suggest consumers go to a dealer to get the recalled vehicle checked out unless they have noticed a problem. It has yet to be seen how many consumers' lives are at risk, but the government is closely watching Toyota.
More Information
To learn more about motor vehicle recalls go to the national highway traffic safety administration's website and read their brochure on "Motor Vehicle Defects and Safety Recalls: What Every Vehicle Owner Should Know"